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Press Release

CCC Protocol: A Glimpse into the Present and Future of Decentralized Protocols

As the Web3 trend surges, CCC Protocol is revealing its innovative power, and it is embarking on an ambitious journey to build a secure, efficient, and sustainable protocol ecosystem. Its continued progress and innovation are the focus of much anticipation for the future.

In the new era of Web3Social, where users not only have full ownership of their data but can also be rewarded or paid for selectively sharing their data, CyberCrowdCoin (CCC) is not only an innovative decentralized protocol but also an important platform that opens up new revenue channels and incentives for content creators, developers and users. Simply put, users can post and complete tasks on CyberCrowdCoin (CCC) to realize the circulation of CCC, which is compatible with the payment engine and collaboration engine to cooperate with users to realize decentralized task posting and completion. The payment team comes from the former developers of Alchemy Pay, the crypto-computing part references the Nulink crypto-computing technology incubated by Binance Labs, and there are more than a dozen other eco-partners, meanwhile, it incorporates the AI technology, the release and collection of NFTs, and the management of on-chain assets, and so on.

By participating in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and other decentralized governance mechanisms, community members can not only actively participate in the decision-making process, but also have the opportunity to obtain token rewards, jointly promote the development and innovation of the platform, and realize the maximum embodiment of community members’ rights. Meanwhile, breaking the regional restrictions, in CyberCrowdCoin (CCC) task system, users from Australia can release tasks, which can be completed by users from Asia and receive rewards.After the completion of CyberCrowdCoin (CCC) task system, it will also use Nulink crypto-computing technology incubated by Binance Labs to build its own crypto-social chat system. own crypto social chat system using Nulink crypto-computing technology incubated at Binance Labs.

Project Background:

CyberCrowdCoin (CCC) is an innovative cryptocurrency project created by a team of top overseas international blockchain experts and financial industry elites. The team has deep technical roots and rich industry experience and has been deeply involved in the core development of well-known projects such as NEO, ONT, NKN, Alchemy Pay and so on. The team is committed to driving CyberCrowdCoin’s (CCC) innovation and development in the cryptocurrency space with its outstanding strength and expertise.

CyberCrowdCoin aims to build a decentralized social finance platform. With the rapid development of blockchain technology, CCC is committed to utilizing the advantages of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to provide users with secure, transparent and trustworthy social financial services.

CCC’s goal is to break down the barriers between traditional financial and social models, and through decentralization, enable users to control their assets and data on their own and communicate and trade securely with other users.CCC’s social financial platform will provide a variety of functions, including social payment, lending, investment, and incentives, creating more value and opportunities for users.

Token Information:

The CyberCrowdCoin eco-pass is “CyberCrowd Coin” (symbolized as CCC) with a total of 1 billion pieces.

CCC is mainly used for governance, payment, incentives, and pledges in the CyberCrowdCoin protocol ecosystem.

  1. CCC can be used for DAO governance.
  2. CCC can be used to pay for various products and services of the CyberCrowdCoin ecosystem.
  3. Collaboration incentives, creation incentives, transaction incentives, payment incentives, data sharing incentives, promotional incentives, activity incentives, protocol development incentives, and protocol usage incentives.
  4. In order to use the CyberCrowdCoin protocol, one needs to To hold and lock a certain number of CCCs.
  5. To develop based on the CyberCrowdCoin protocol, you need to hold and lock a certain number of CCCs.

Strategic Partnership Information:

CCC Protocol has established strategic partnerships with 17 partners, including NuLink, SEOR Network, MSAP, MEME exchange, Antmons, Getaverse, Bayesian, GODE CHAIN, Beosin, CoinHome, JoyID Protocol, Poloniex Exchange, Muverse, AIGC Chain, FoxCapital, METABIT NETWORK and MetaChain.

The addition of these partners further solidifies CCC Protocol’s position in the industry and lays the groundwork for its expansion into the global market and international reach.

Among them, JoyID Protocol is a universal account protocol for Web3 for everything, enabling users to seamlessly switch and interact across different Web3 applications by providing a unified authentication and authorization system.JoyID Protocol’s goal is to provide a more convenient, secure, and privacy-protected user experience, and to promote the popularity and development of Web3.

AIGC Chain is a responsible AI chain that employs proprietary models and algorithms dedicated to the sustainability and social responsibility of AI.AIGC Chain promotes the adoption of AI technologies by providing trusted, transparent, and explainable AI solutions and ensuring that they have a positive impact on society and the environment.

In addition, CCC tokens are now live on Poloniex, and CCC Protocol is gradually expanding into the global market to further expand its international reach.

The establishment of these strategic partnerships will further strengthen CCC Protocol’s position in the industry, laying a solid foundation for its continued growth and expanding influence in the Web3 ecosystem.

To summarize:

CCC Protocol opens up the vast world of Web3’s social finance ecosystem. Through its unique and innovative decentralized protocol and social finance platform, it has built a safe, efficient, and sustainable social finance ecosystem for users. Its continuous innovation and development make CCC Protocol shine as a bright star in the field of Web3 social finance.

Project description: An innovative Web3 collaboration platform

Contract Address: 0xfB09122d1e17170C1807BFc1Ef3c614BD85E1B6e

Official website:

Official Twitter:

Contract address: 0xfB09122d1e17170C1807BFc1Ef3c614BD85E1B6e

Trading link:

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