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The Connecter 4.0- The World’s First Decentralized Bottom-Up Economy

The Connecter is an entire decentralized platform comprising of 4 fundamental elements that together create an ecosystem- The Connecter banking, The Connecter socials, The Connecter marketplace, and The Connecter metaverse. The user-friendly app design allows people to harness the power of blockchain and crypto technology and use it within their day to day lives. One of the most significant features of The Connecter is that it’s an all-in-one, decentralized financial platform.

So, why do we need a decentralized finance system?

Today, all our services are entirely centralized. Banks, stock markets, and other financial institutions are all controlled by a company or select persons. This system has proven to be prone to prevalent problems such as fraud, corruption, mismanagement, slow decision-making, and power misuse by those in authoritative roles. For example, we sometimes make international money transfers, but never know how the money is handled. The system is so slow that those who live in underprivileged nations must wait up to 5 days. Additionally, one must endure hefty charges and exchange rates, and there is no transparency within the monetary system we currently use. The instability and soaring inflation of this system is mirroring the 2008 financial crash when a whopping 9+ million North Americans lost their jobs, 170,000 small businesses were shattered, and millions of brands declared bankruptcy. The anger percolated from the crisis, and it partially accounts for the relationship breakdown between consumers and the traditional financial system- and the mistrust between consumers and financial institutions prevails.

A decentralized financial system mitigates these problems by using computerized algorithms called smart contracts in which the entire process is trustless, allowing the algorithm to do the work. “I experienced first handily a communist country where its ‘valued’ citizens were falsely promised their best interest would be prioritized. However, their actions showed the opposite-self-interest. The one thing I can’t tolerate is lying. The Connecter was born because of this- a place that genuinely values honesty, transparency, and gives power back to the people.”, said CEO and Founder, Eduard Soponar.

The Connecter Bank is a fast, efficient, progressive, and secure method of banking that allows individuals complete freedom over their finances. With The Connecter’s fully decentralized blockchain technology, only you hold the keys to your own safe- there is no risk of your bank account being frozen or loss of funds due to government intervention. Additionally, the consumer can do everything in their banking app that they can do within their traditional banking app- pay in store, buy online, pay their bills, apply for loans, invest, wire money, and more.

The Connecter Socials gives the customer the chance to avail facilities like the direct messaging, experience NFT trends, music streaming services, explore new job opportunities, attend events and webinars, freedom of speech etc. So, what’s the difference from Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter? It’s decentralized which means your post that got taken down because it was too disruptive, or because someone didn’t hold the same opinion as you, will be protected. Users can use this social media platform to communicate, and even sell or buy items in The Connecter Marketplace- the ecommerce platform that links NFTs to physical real-life assets. Want to get more than a simple jpeg image of monkey when you buy a 3 million dollar NFT? This marketplace allows you to do that while providing an extra layer of rarity and authenticity. Selling Louis Vuitton shoes and want to make sure they are legitimate? Attaching an NFT to this item serves as a digital certificate of authenticity- a trustless process.

The Connecterverse will eliminate geographical barriers and simulate real life experiences within the metaverse. Can’t make a flight on time to see your favorite artist perform live? Can’t have access to education? No problem, just put on your oculus goggles to enjoy a realistic, 3D, live experience. The Connecter connects individuals to a community where location does not have to be a barrier to connection.

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The Connecter is a revolutionary, decentralized, bottom-up economy.

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