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Press Release

MKT3 NFT 2ND ROUND MINT ON MAY 31th, WL for chasing Free Mint

The MKT3 NFT 2nd Round Mint will be available for public sale on the Chamcha platform on May 31 at 20:00 PM (UTC+8), and two MKT3 characters will be released! This release is based on public sale and whitelist. Whitelist holders will have the opportunity to chase Free Mint. To get the whitelist, you need to participate in the MKT3 Journey event.

Obtaining the whitelist is extremely important. Only whitelist holders can participate in Free Mint and seize the rare opportunity to earn generous profits. To join the whitelist, you need to complete the tasks in the MKT3 Journey Event page:

Don’t Miss Out on Exciting Rewards


DATE: May 31, 20:00 PM (UTC+8)


Public sale price: 350 USDT

WHITELIST exclusive rights: Chasing Free Mint Launch

Blockchain: ETH

Contract Address: 0x44c6f7d72821a51c32bb3fd783c485f172e03bdd

MKT3 NFT Collection(NFT Price-Current Floor Price 175 USDT):

MKT3 2nd Round MINT Information
Check here:


The NFT protection mechanism of MKT3 is about to increase the upper limit, and the second upgrade buyback price will be 300 USDT.

Whitelist exclusive rights

Chasing Free Mint
Or Purchase at an 80% discount on the buyback price of the second round of MKT3, which is ≤300×80% = 240USDT.

How to get Whitelist ?

Campaigns Information

Event page:

Step 1: Obtain a lottery qualification

Step 2: Draw WL (Whitelist)

Chase Free Mint


Early bird activity starts on the May 19th

Launch the Event on the May 22th.

The event will end on May 29th at 23:00 PM UTC+8

Mint on Chamcha :May 31st at 20PM UTC+8

This event is sponsored by Litentry, GAXLE, Link3, Metaeaste, CoinHub Wallet, and 0xAdventure.

What are the Whats the MKT3 NFT

MKT3 is the main series of NFTs released by Marketing Knock Token DAO. It is not only a symbol of disruptor identity but also a powerful financial instrument. MKT3 has many roles, currently including explorers, dreamers, artists, architects, and robots, as well as mysterious hidden characters. Additional earnings are related to roles and rarity.

What are the benefits of obtaining MKT3?

1.Debit card: dividends

MKT3 holders will receive 12% of the total revenue of Marketing Knock DAO, whose income sources come not only from the sale of NFTs, but also from market consulting services provided for other web3 projects. We will pay dividends quarterly, but ultimately a more cost-effective and practical method will be provided. The dividend calculation formula is: dividend amount equals all dividends minus the total issuance of current NFTs.

2.Airdrop tokens

MKT3 cooperates with a wide range of projects and accepts project tokens or NFTs in various ways. MKT3 holders will receive these through airdrops.

3.DAO membership

Each MKT3 holder will receive an OAT, symbolizing the identity of a disruptor/DAO member. They will also enjoy a series of rights of DAO governance, such as voting rights and governance rights. The more accessories/props you have for your disruptor, the greater your voting power. For example, you will decide the governance of the company and vote on repurchase, dividends, and other related issues.

Historical Review

  1. The first round of Free Mint was completed on March 15
  2. NFT protection mechanism was launched on April 15
  3. The first dividend was distributed on April 16

Don’t Miss Out on Profitable MKT3: Seize the Opportunity for Exciting Rewards!

MKT3 DAO Information ,please check Below






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