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Net Runner, a Web3 Application, Officially launched combining Web3, NFT, Social-Fi and Game-Fi

A Web3 application called NET RUNNER has recently Launched and attracted attention. It is an innovative application combining Web3, NFT, Social-Fi and Game-Fi, with walking as its core, allowing users to enjoy the bonus of technology and finance.

It is understood that NET RUNNER issued a series of shoes-themed digital collections based on the Ethereum network, which are not only unique artworks, but also valid credentials of high-tech shoes in the real world. Users can purchase the digital collections to obtain unique ownership and identity on Ethereum network, and exchange them for the real shoes that combine the technologies of “motion control + intelligent recognition + GPS data transmission” to enjoy the seamless docking between the digital world and the real world.

NET RUNNER uses smart contract to reward users for their walking data and issues its own token NRC as the value carrier and circulation medium of the platform. Wearing NET RUNNER shoes, users can earn points for every step they walk and redeem NRC, which can be redeemed not only for various rewards and services on the NET RUNNER platform, such as exercise classes, travel deals, insurance coverage, but also for use or trade in other Web3 applications, such as Uniswap, OpenSea, Axie Infinity, etc.

NET RUNNER uses smart contracts to motivate users to walk, and it issues its own token NRC, as the value carrier and circulation medium of the platform. Users simply wear NET RUNNER shoes and earn points for each step they take, which can be redeemed for NRCs. NRCs can be redeemed not only for various rewards and services on the NET RUNNER platform, such as fitness classes, travel deals, insurance coverage, etc., but also used or traded in other Web3 applications, such as Uniswap, OpenSea, Axie Infinity, etc.

Apart from the benefits, NET RUNNER allows users to enjoy more benefits on walking. NET RUNNER shoes are designed with advanced technology to reduce foot pressure, strengthen arch support, avoid ankle injuries and restore foot movement balance. Users can view their health data and recommendations on NET RUNNER, such as heart rate, blood pressure, calories to understand their physical condition and exercise effect. Users can also turn on GPS on NET RUNNER, so that the safety and security of themselves or the people they care about can be protected when walking.

NET RUNNER also provides social functions, creating or joining various interest communities on NET RUNNER, communicating and interacting with people from different regions and backgrounds, and sharing their walking experience. It not only helps users get outside, but also get out of their circles and expand their social networks and broaden their horizons.

Currently, NET RUNNER has received investment support from American Software Capital (ASC), which is an American investment bank and a member of National Investment Banking Association (NIBA). Its members are from the fields of political, business, legal, securities and accounting in the United States, and is headquartered in New York, with offices in many regions around the world.

According to the NET RUNNER team, their vision is to create a healthy, fun and useful digital collectibles App. And they hope this platform enables more people to enjoy the physical, mental and financial benefits of walking, while also allowing more people to keep up with the technology and finance and embrace possibilities of the Web3 world in an ordinary way.

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