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Sleep City Introduces a Sleep-to-Earn Metaverse Experience with First-Ever NFT Pillows & SCT Token

Revolutionizing the opportunity of a sleep state, Sleep City combines an innovative mobile app with NFT pillows to create a decentralized universe of slumber.

Sleep City is illuminating the possibilities of earn-while-you-sleep wealth building, with their new app and collection of NFT pillows. The idea is simple; go to bed, turn on the app, get SCT tokens, and upgrade your pillow to get more coins. Offering a completely decentralized metaverse space where people can earn money by doing nothing more than sleeping, Sleep City is creating a new digital space that is accessible and constantly evolving.

In designing the SLEEP2EARN experience, the founders were inspired by the idea of creating a decentralized metaverse wherein you can earn money in your sleep and wake up to new earnings and benefits. Since inception, they have built out their team and technology to represent what is now the fully-formed Sleep City model. The mission of the project is to build a complete ecosystem that functions without intervention and gives way to a stable and self-sustaining Sleep City Metaverse. Their hope is to grow an engaged community within the experience and continue to expand on the perks and benefits of engaging within Sleep City.

Community members in Sleep City earn tokens by sleeping and uniting in coalitions within the same region, receiving increasing rewards as they progress. Each user will be able to buy, sell or rent a pillow on the marketplace built into the application and interact with the features of that particular pillow. Within this Sleep City experience, users can also rent their pillow out to friends, upgrade pillows, create custom cosmic pillows, and add unique effects to improve the design parameters. The more participation a given user applies, the more rewards they will achieve.

In differentiating themselves from other metaverse experiences, only Sleep City focuses on the true and complete decentralization of their metaverses, providing a unique and easy way to earn money in the comfort and ease of a sleep state. As Warren Buffet so eloquently stated, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

To learn more about Sleep City, visit and engage with the community on Discord, Twitter, and YouTube.

About Sleep City

Sleep City is a SLEEP2EARN metaverse ecosystem, including the SCT token and an innovative app with the embodied idea of ​​sleeping and earning money with the help of NFT pillows. Simply go to bed, turn on the app, get SCT tokens, and upgrade your pillow to get more coins.

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