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TURN Network Releases Revolutionary Public Chain Whitepaper: Building Infrastructure for Full On-Chain Gaming, Ushering in a New Era of Decentralized Gaming in the 5G Age

On February 7, 2024, TURN Network published a whitepaper. TURN Network is primarily focused on building infrastructure for fully on-chain gaming. Drawing inspiration from traditional microservices and cloud services, TURN Network integrates Rollup and cross-chain technologies to achieve automatic and unlimited horizontal scaling, which enhances network scalability.

This innovation creates a decentralized gaming foundation composed of several sub-chains, referred to as Bubble Chains. It allows each game to operate concurrently across various shard networks. As we transition into the 5G era, this innovative architecture from TURN Network significantly improves the network’s overall performance and paves the way for new possibilities in digital gaming.

Enhanced Transaction Capability

TURN Network greatly improves the network’s Transactions Per Second (TPS) through its innovative multi-chain architecture. Specifically, on the Layer 2 Bubble Chain, a block is generated every 0.5 seconds, and a transaction is confirmed every three blocks. This results in a high performance of 10 million transactions per second (TPS). This ability allows TURN Network to process a large number of transactions simultaneously, providing a seamless, real-time experience in decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, or other high-frequency transaction scenarios. Furthermore, the TURN Network’s development team has meticulously optimized the data storage and transmission framework, significantly improving response times and ensuring network stability under heavy loads. This creates an efficient and reliable blockchain network for both users and developers.

Enhanced Scalability

The TURN Network introduces an innovative sharding mechanism that divides the network into multiple sub-chains, known as Bubble Chains. Each chain can independently process transactions and store data. This mechanism significantly enhances the network’s overall capacity and efficiency, thereby achieving horizontal scalability. It enables the TURN Network to easily expand and support more games and players. Simultaneously, this sharding mechanism maintains the blockchain’s decentralized nature and security, providing game developers and players with a secure and expandable platform.

Improves User Experience

TURN Network introduces a one-time signature mechanism, effectively resolving the long-standing issue of repetitive contract signing within the blockchain. Now, transactions can be directly signed using a temporary private key, eliminating the need for confirmation for each transaction. Coupled with user-friendly interface design and instant feedback system, TURN Network significantly speeds up transaction confirmation times and improves on-chain interaction efficiency.

Additionally, to encourage new players and increase on-chain gaming participation, TURN Network offers comprehensive user guides and efficient customer support. This ensures that players can easily understand blockchain operations, thereby enhancing the user experience. These innovative mechanisms developed by TURN Network not only make it easier for players to learn, but also set a new standard of service for on-chain gaming.

Lower Gas Fee

By adopting an advanced consensus mechanism and optimizing smart contracts, TURN Network has significantly lowered transaction costs for users. Its Layer 2 “Bubble Chain” structure decreases the amount of network resources used per transaction, allowing users to execute transactions with virtually no gas fees. This eliminates the issue of transaction costs found in traditional blockchain networks. Moreover, TURN Network’s dynamic execution layer architecture automatically adjusts the gas fee based on Layer 1 network loading, effectively preventing gas fee spikes due to network congestion. These cost-effective innovations provide users with a more affordable on-chain environment, thereby expanding the wide range of applications for blockchain technology.

Promoting Interoperability

To tackle the challenge of interoperability between blockchains, the TURN Network employs a mechanism known as the “embedded cross-chain protocol”. This protocol is directly integrated into the base of the TURN Network’s architecture, eliminating the need for external cross-chain bridges, thereby enhancing the efficiency and security of cross-chain transactions. This advanced cross-chain resolution facilitates an seamless integration for the transference of assets and data streams between TURN Network and other blockchain infrastructures, additionally compatible with future blockchain advancements. TURN Network’s pioneering design has transformed the gaming industry, sparking limitless creativity among developers and ushering in a new era of choice and smooth asset exchange for players.

TURN Network, through its innovative approaches, is establishing its position in the fast-evolving blockchain gaming industry. It is addressing present issues and paving the way for future progress in blockchain gaming and 5G technology.




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