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XOOCITY Launches XOO Wallet and Free Airdrop Campaign, Pioneering a New Era of Financial Management in the Metaverse

XOOCITY Meta Technology Ltd., a leader in the WEB3 commercial metaverse sector, is proud to announce the launch of the XOO Wallet, accompanied by an exciting free airdrop campaign. The initiative aims to attract more users to participate and explore the limitless possibilities of the metaverse.

Unveiling the XOO Wallet signifies a significant breakthrough in virtual financial management, seamlessly integrating with XOOCITY’s metaverse platform. The XOO Wallet provides users with a secure and efficient platform for managing digital assets, including the core XOO token that powers transactions within the metaverse Hong Kong platform.

The introduction of the XOO Wallet is set to enhance the financial ecosystem within the metaverse by offering a secure asset management and trading platform. It addresses the growing demand for virtual financial services and NFT collections, bridging the gap between virtual finance and XOOCITY’s metaverse services, providing a seamless connection.

To celebrate the launch of the XOO Wallet, XOOCITY is initiating a free airdrop campaign, distributing XOO Token to early adopters. The campaign aims to incentivize participation in XOOCITY’s economic ecosystem, serving as the foundation for a vibrant and engaged community, before the official token listing.

The XOO Wallet and the free airdrop campaign are integral parts of XOOCITY’s strategy to drive economic activities within the metaverse in Hong Kong. By providing tools that foster economic participation and creativity, XOOCITY aims to enhance the accessibility and appeal of the virtual world. The wallet, in particular, is expected to play a crucial role in empowering users to navigate, invest, and build within XOOCITY’s vast virtual environment.

In addition to financial and technological advancements, XOOCITY places great emphasis on community building and educational opportunities. The platform fosters a sense of belonging among users by providing spaces for social interaction, learning, and cultural exchange. Through virtual schools, training centers, and interactive social platforms, XOOCITY enriches the metaverse experience through valuable knowledge sharing and community engagement, supporting personal growth and collective development.

The free airdrop campaign not only rewards early users but also represents a significant step towards realizing XOOCITY’s vision of creating a vibrant and economically strong virtual Hong Kong metaverse city.

Interested participants can join the airdrop campaign through the following link:

About XOOCITY Meta Technology Ltd.:

XOOCITY Meta Technology Ltd. is dedicated to developing WEB3 commercial metaverses and fostering immersive cultural, artistic, and business exchanges. Leveraging blockchain technology, the company has created a virtual environment emulating the vibrant cityscape of Hong Kong, enabling global connectivity and economic opportunities. As an incubator company at Hong Kong Science Park and with support from the Google Cloud Startup Fund, XOOCITY is at the forefront of metaverse innovation.

Media Contact:

Company Name: XOOCITY Meta Technology Ltd.

Contact Person:  PR Marketing

Email: [email protected]


City: Hong Kong

Country: Hong Kong SAR, China

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