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Press Release

3Cross ai Google & OpenAI partnership, presale release, an innovative AI-driven project on the ZkSync chain, is thrilled to announce the receipt of a $115,000 grant from Google through the Web3 startup program. This substantial funding underscores’s commitment to becoming the premier AI project in the decentralized space, leveraging the advanced capabilities of ZkSync to revolutionize various industries.

In an era where artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are converging, aims to lead the charge by integrating cutting-edge AI solutions with the scalable and secure ZkSync Layer 2 network. This integration promises to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and unlock new possibilities for decentralized applications (dApps). Presale Release:, the pioneering AI project on the ZkSync chain, is thrilled to announce the commencement of its presale, inviting investors to join in its mission to revolutionize the intersection of AI and blockchain technology. With the presale aiming to raise up to $1 million USD for seed investment in the token, investors have the exclusive opportunity to secure early access to a token poised for significant growth. Additionally, as a testament to our commitment to fostering partnerships and creating value for our community, presale participants will be airdropped ZkSync governance tokens through our strategic collaboration (Starting on June 10th). Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of the future of decentralized AI – invest in today.

Securing Google’s Grant: A Major Milestone

The $115,000 grant from Google is a testament to the potential and innovation embodied by This funding will accelerate the development of our platform, enabling us to deliver on our promise of creating transformative AI solutions that are accessible and beneficial across multiple sectors. Google’s endorsement not only provides financial support but also positions as a credible and influential player in the AI and L2 ecosystems.

Why ZkSync?

Choosing ZkSync as the backbone for was a strategic decision aimed at capitalizing on its low transaction fees, high throughput, and enhanced security features. These attributes make ZkSync an ideal platform for deploying sophisticated AI applications that require robust and reliable performance which was much better than deploying on the Ethereum or Avalanche mainnets.

Innovating Across Industries stands out by offering a suite of AI tools designed to streamline processes, improve decision-making, and drive innovation. From finance and healthcare to logistics and beyond, our AI solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse industries, fostering growth and efficiency.

One such tool is a specialized smart contract development and auditing tool on ZkSync called “SmartZk” which is set to release about 1 week after the presale, and will be further developed by Labs in conjunction with both Google and OpenAI’s product development teams.

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