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Accepting crypto in any business with almost zero coding — 0xpay becomes a new PayPal for crypto

Ignorance of crypto becomes harder and harder everyday!

Big companies admit that they can’t just miss out 300M of wealthy crypto-users. Such brands as Gucci and Balenziaga have already started receiving crypto payments, and Asics raised $7 million dollars with their NFT-sneakers collection in just a couple of hours.

More and more middle and small businesses are looking for a way to become more crypto, as the trend starts to be similar to internet adoption. Firstly it seemed as just a technology for geeks, but now we can’t imagine a successful business without an internet and socials pages.

The problem and the full-cycle solution

The biggest problem of receiving the crypto payments is integration. There are working solutions which can be applied easily, but they are suffer from low scalability, and probably will not survive the business growth. But processing gateways, which can stand the increasing payment volumes require months of development and enormous budgets on a crypto coding team.

To fulfil the market urge, LocalTrade ecosystem from top-100 best crypto exchanges just recently released a crypto processing gateway called 0xpay. In fact, that’s PayPal, but for crypto payments, allowing any business to accept cryptocurrency as a payment for services and goods. It becomes more and more popular among entrepreneurs for favourable conditions and fast integration.

The integration is fast enough, to let any business receive the first crypto payment in 2 hours after registration, while fees are 0.4-0.5% per transaction (which is lower than any payments provider has).

Making possible for any business to access crypto-audience

While Meta, Adidas, Gucci compete for being a first in Metaverse, any small or medium-size business can outperform the competitors by receiving the crypto payments. Using 0xpay may not only be a way to enter the cryptocurrencies market for traditional businesses, but a starting point in building a full-featured crypto infrastructure around the project.

“We have created 0xpay to make top-class crypto payments accessible for any business sphere, from hard machinery sellers to top-class fintech services.

We made it by using the best infrastructure available now across cryptocurrency sphere. Usually we compare 0xpay with payment providers for a better understanding of what we do, but, in fact, our product gives truly better experience and provides entrepreneurs with more features than just a gateway for accepting payments.”

— says Pavlo Luchkovskiy, CEO of LocalTrade

Using 0xpay crypto payments provider may be useful for any type of business, from crypto-exchanges to an instagram clothes shop — in any case 0xpay will grant easiest business access to crypto-audience!

Join the gathering storm of crypto with 0xpay!



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