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Bored Ape Apple Watch Club is the New Trending Collection in the NFT Space

The last few years witnessed the exponential rise of NFTs in the blockchain space. It sure took many by surprise, but experts saw it coming. Some of the successful NFTs went for millions of dollars, and the costliest to date fetched a whopping $91.8 million, surprising many, given that mass adoption of NFTs still seems a little down the line. But, of late, many amazing collections have been launched in the space, each offering some distinctive aspect. The best one in the recent past, undoubtedly, is the Bored Ape Apple Watch Club NFT collection.  

The Bored Ape Apple Watch Club collection, developed on the Ethereum blockchain, comprises 10,000 unique NFTs with new trait combinations. Remember, the collection is new and not, in any way, affiliated with Yugo Labs. 

Also, the BAAWC collection offers several benefits to community members. Anyone holding the NFT, which acts as an AppleWatch Club membership card, gets exclusive benefits and access to The Apple Store. 

The Apple Store, the brainchild of the team behind BAAWC, contains a canvas available only to the NFT holders. Community members can draw a pixel in The Apple Store every 15 minutes, which could be anything. It will be a collaborative thing between like-minded individuals and should turn out to be extraordinary. Anyone who believes to have the right set of creative skills should mint atleast one Bored Ape Apple Watch Club NFT and showcase their talent in The Apple Store.

There are several other benefits of minting a BAAWC NFT, and these will increase over time. The NFT held will serve as a digital identity, help gain traction in the blockchain space, and open new avenues.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that 1000 NFTs are reserved for the community, and users will only have to pay the gas fees for these. And a user can mint only one NFT per wallet. It is to ensure maximum participation and help form a community that spans nations and cultures. 

Besides, BAAWC is giving an Apple watch for free every day. Any user who buys a Bored Ape Apple Watch Club NFT automatically enters the draw and stands a chance to win the prize.

For those planning to either invest in NFTs or collect them, the Bored Ape Apple Watch Club collection seems to be a perfect choice. It has all it takes to make it big in the space. And with more exciting features and exclusive benefits to be released in the coming days, the demand for BAAWC will only grow. So, don’t waste time and buy a Bored Ape Apple Watch Club NFT today!

To find out more about the Bored Ape Apple Watch Club NFT collection, visit the official website:

To view the collection and make an offer, visit OpenSea:

Also, follow the Bored Ape Apple Watch Club collection on all social platforms and join announcement groups to stay updated with the latest developments.




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