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Press Release

CryptoQuest Announces the $METAD Token Sale.

Crypto Quest Metaverse, a Solana-based metaverse Blockchain gaming project inspired by a famous role-playing game in Japan, is holding a private sale of $METAD tokens on the following dates:

$METAD Pre-Sale Schedule: 

– Seed: Monday, March 14, from 10:00 UTC

– Private (1st round): Monday, March 21, from 10:00 UTC

– Private (2nd round): Monday, March 28, from 10:00 UTC

For more information, please click on the Medium on how to participate in the pre-sale.

What is the Crypto Quest Metaverse?

The Crypto Quest Metaverse is a Blockchain gaming project developed by members living in Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, and Dubai.

The most distinctive feature of this project is that it does not follow the typical Ponzi scheme-like structure found in other existing blockchain games. Crypto Quest Metaverse will create an ecosystem in which the tokens are not inflated.

Crypto Quest is aiming for a wide audience of players around the world, and in order for us to succeed the company is developing on the Solana chain, which has low gas costs and fast transaction speeds. Crypto Quest is also incorporating a scholarship system to help facilitate other players to enjoy the gameplay.

Crypto Quest’s vision is “to realize a world where earning money while having fun with games is the standard” and “to spread the 2D metaverse to the entire world.”

In the Crypto Quest Metaverse, there are two tokens; $METAD and $QUEST. $METAD is the “main native token” used in the game, while $QUEST is the “governance token” that also allows any user to receive revenue from the entire game.

Purchasing these tokens in the presale will give users a variety of benefits exclusive to early buyers.


【2022 Q1】

  • Token Sales

【2022 Q2】

  • NFT Implemented Character Loot Box (WEB) #1
  • NFT Implemented Weapons and Armor Loot Box (WEB)#1
  • NFT Implemented Demon Beast Loot Box (WEB) #1 NFT Mining

【2022 Q3】

  • Raydium Listing for METAD Token NFT Implemented Character Loot Box (WEB) #2
  • NFT Implemented Weapons and Armor Loot Box (WEB) #2
  • NFT Implemented Demon Beast Loot Box (WEB) #2
  • NFT Mining NFT Implemented Character Loot Box (WEB) #3
  • NFT Implemented Weapons and Armor Loot Box (WEB) #3
  • NFT Implemented Demon Beast Loot Box (WEB) #3

【2022 Q4】

  • RPG Release (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3)

【2023 Q1】

  • RPG Release (Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6)
  • Implementation of Guilds (WEB)
  • Implementation of PVP (1VS1)
  • RPG Release (Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9)
  • Implementation of PVP (Guild Wars)
  • New Side Quest

【2023 Q2】

  • Flag Battles
  • New Side Quest
  • Implementation of Labyrinth

【2023 Q3】

  • New Side Quest







Media Contact:

Contact Person: Brock

Company: Colorful Marketing Limited

Email: [email protected]

City: Road Town

Country: British Virgin Islands


Source: Crypto Quest

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