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DogeStyle: The Ultimate Meme Currency With an NFT Twist


Meme currencies have ruled the 2020-21 bull run with the likes of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu rising over 1000% this bull season. Being a community driven token, social media plays a crucial role in the rise and pump of these tokens. However, that also proves to be its limitation as it doesn’t offer much of a use case beyond being a social media attraction. Thus, there is a need for a new era of meme currency that can truly prove to be worth the hype and money. DogeStyle aims to do exactly that with its core strength being its tokenomics multiple use cases.

Dogestyle’s supply is elastic meaning it will keep changing and is designed in a way to keep holders in mind, with an ever increasing price expectation derived from the value that it would offer. Holders will be highly rewarded as the smart contract is hard coded to increase the price. Different from just a normal pegged token/stable coin. Rebases make price-elastic tokens into synthetic commodities with fluctuating values and supplies that gradually stabilize. 

The rebasing mechanism guarantees that the token price will always increase, thus attracting new investors to the project by helping us trend on other websites. A constantly increasing price floor creates organic demand and makes us stand out against other shitcoin projects that just pump and dump. We will have no dumps! This novel rebase mechanic will also give rise to new trading strategies that help investors earn returns exceeding that of the market. DogeStyle takes a decentralized approach and won’t conduct any pre-sale or ICO. Rather people would be able to directly purchase it through different platforms it’s listed on.

DogeStyle Brings Value Through its Unique Economy and Ecosystem 

DogeStyle aims to become the next Dogecoin of the meme ecosystem and boasts of everything that is required to become one. It has a doxxed dev, breaking the stereotype of scams and other tokens ruining the trend of the meme coins. The tax system in the DogeStyle economy aims to reward users and aims to hit 100,000,000$ Market Cap in the short term. 

The native token launched on Pancakeswap without any pre-sale, ICO or IEO and was available to one and all at the same time and same price. DogeStyle aims to integrate multi chain support with either AVAX, Polygon, or FTM by the final quarter of 2021.

Multiple side-chains would open the gates from different blockchain to get a taste of the DogeStyle and also make it convenient, scalable and cheaper for everyone. Scalability has quite been an issue this bull season especially with Ethereum and meme coins were found to be the culprits amid rising popularity. The Ethereum blockchain got clogged numerous times due to multiple transactions originating from the meme coins at its peak. Thus interoperability and multiple sidechain support would allow the DogeStyle holders to select the fastest and cheapest mode of transactions.

DogeStyle Aims to Jump on the NFT Bandwagon

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens have become another rage this bull season apart from the meme currencies with every major brand and celebrity launching some form of NFTs to mark special launches and occasions. DogeStyle understands the value of current trends and market demands and thus it would also be getting its hand into the NFT business with a robust, unique and rare collection of digital collectibles. With multiple NFTs set for minting and sale via DogeStyle platform, which will not only make it popular in the metaverse but also help the value of the native token grow.

The NFT sector is booming and specifically Solana and Ethereum. So, DogeStyle decided to have their own DogeStyle NFT’s on Ethereum scheduled to make debut towards November 2021. There will be 10,000 unique and random NFT’s to be minted soon through the main website and listed on opensea, one of the most renowned and trusted NFT marketplace for post sales. DOGESTYLE MERCHANDISE with crypto payment integration too would be launched soon.

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