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Kunji Finance Unveils New Strategic Collaboration with AsiaTokenFund Group

29 Aug 2023, Hong Kong – Kunji Finance, the decentralized active portfolio management platform, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with AsiaTokenFund Group. This collaboration has been established with the overarching objective of promoting the expansion of the emerging Kunji Finance platform across the Asian and European landscape.

Kunji Finance is a non-custodial and multi-strategy digital asset management platform that connects asset managers with liquidity providers, allowing them to leverage their skills with access to further capital while generating trading-based profit opportunities for capital providers.

The collaboration blends Kunji Finance’s groundbreaking decentralized asset management protocol with AsiaTokenFund’s financial and cryptocurrency expertise to herald a new era in efficiency for the adoption of technological solutions in Asian and EU markets.

Kunji Finance’s core mission is to connect expert asset managers with liquidity providers, allowing them to leverage their skills with access to further capital while generating trading-based profit opportunities for capital providers. The asset management services can be based on discretionary investment theses that run long and short strategies created by asset managers on the platform, enabling the creation of “hedge funds” for retail investors without any regulatory ambiguity. By utilizing the possibilities of Arbitrum blockchain technology and asset management principles, Kunji Finance has developed a platform for individuals to grow wealth.

AsiaTokenFund Group (ATF) is an influential Web3 conglomerate headquartered in Southeast Asia. ATF operates a range of entities encompassing Web3 Media, NFT Media, Venture Capital, Media Agency, Tech Solutions, Events, and Accelerator.

“AsiaTokenFund and Sky Wee have a very strong presence in the South East Asian Web3 communities and a history of partnering with successful products. We are proud to partner with them and look forward to benefiting from their network and presence”, said Anurag Dixit, founder and CEO of Kunji Finance.

“”We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Kunji Finance, a pioneering force in reshaping the landscape of digital asset management. At AsiaTokenFund Group, we have always aimed to provide innovative and transformative solutions to our partners, and collaborating with Kunji Finance aligns seamlessly with this commitment.” Said Ken Nizam, Co-Founder & CEO of AsiaTokenFund Group

 “Kunji Finance’s visionary approach to connecting expert asset managers with liquidity providers not only enhances capital accessibility but also democratizes the realm of hedge funds for retail investors, all within the secure framework of Arbitrum blockchain technology. Together, we look forward to empowering individuals across Asia with the tools to navigate and thrive in the ever-evolving world of wealth growth.” Said Sky Wee, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of ATF Capital , a member of AsiaTokenFund Group.

Benefitting from its strategic presence in Asian nations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia, AsiaTokenFund Group holds a substantial value for Kunji Finance.


Name: Sangam Bharti
Position: Chief of Staff
E-mail: [email protected]
Country: HongKong SAR
City: HongKong

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