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Press Release

Taboo To Dominate The Nft Market With The Launch Of Their Marketplace With $1m Worth Of Content


Taboo aims to become the Playboy of blockchain. They fill in gaps where industry giants have yet to establish themselves, by embracing decentralization, to provide innovative solutions to adult industry problems.

Taboo, the adult NFT & Streaming media project, specializing in highly exclusive content is all set to launch its much awaited marketplace. This will allow the Taboo Token holders to buy, sell, trade NFTs and stake their Taboo Tokens. To encourage user interaction and participation, Taboo is also launching $1 Million dollars worth of NFTs, as the flagship product offering, on the platform.  

There will be celebrity, ex-playboy models, and other styled collections. Taboo is helping bridge the gap from existing powerhouse brands by using its token for payment.  Their platform is built as a user-friendly introduction to what Blockchain can do, for adult content creators, and how decentralization of platform and payment can benefit them.

The TABOO platform  products will be purchased in $Taboo, the native currency, meaning no chargebacks and no theft of content. Where payments are final. The proffered products are heavily curated, for quality and kept exclusive to the Taboo platform. The token platform has yield farming, in the spirit of decentralization, using defi yield pools, as well.

No other marketplace in development or in existence has the breadth of features and interoperability that Taboo’s does. Built on the Plasma Network, Taboo allows for low fee, cross-chain transfers, helping to bring crypto forward into a more unified system. The platform also contains a unique tier system that will launch along with the $1 million dollar release. Only three of the four tiers planned will be active at launch. Each tier is locked behind a wall, to which only specified USD amounts held, in $TABOO tokens, will provide the key to open each Tier to the treasures within. In each tier will be thematic collections based on the type of content and the model/celebrity, the creative direction, the story, etc. There will be enough content for early users to sink their teeth into. 

Taboo Sets to Revolutionize Adult Industry Using Crypto NFTs

Taboo comprises three core pillars. Quality. Exclusivity, and Innovation. These are the defining pillars of the organization. 


 All NFTs are from the best of the best, in fashion, adult, and more! The creators and content are carefully curated for quality, to maximize the value of the Taboo system, for both users and content creators. 

For example, the $1 million in NFTs will include, never before seen photos and videos of:

Certain celebrities (some topless) of people like Britney Spears, Amanda Cerny, and Lindsay Lohan. 

Exclusive, the best to come from Playboy, models like, Khloe Terae, 3x international playmate of the year and the official designated brand ambassador

Additionally, also included are project partners Holly Barker, Cj Sparxx, Bri Tiesi , and Jeni Summers. 

There will even be some unannounced models like: Jacqueline Zwetburg, Colin Shannon, Jess Hinton will be included. 

This is only a taste of what is to come.


With quality comes Exclusivity. Taboo is capitalizing on the concept of uniqueness and scarcity, inherent in NFTs, through its tiering system. In this system, different levels of content are provided, based on their SFW, to NSFW, to xxx nature, in tiers 1-4. Tiers 1-3 will be active at launch. A unique criterion needs to be met in order to acquire the ability to access this exclusive.  The criteria are based on a set USD dollar amount to taboo tokens, priced free at tier one, but up to 10,000 at tier 4

Additionally, all content showcased is exclusive. No one else has it.

Finally, the product provided will be of the highest quality, to match both price point and exclusivity 

These elements are economic incentives towards value and key to Taboos growth and potential.


Dedicated to quality and creating the kind of exclusivity people will actually pay money, for Taboo is dedicated to innovation. To accomplish this, Taboo engaged the best nft marketplace development team in crypto. The team that built Enjin Coin’s Marketplace. This same team has custom-built every part of the marketplace to fit exact specifications, according to the Taboo design, while keeping the UI simple. The goal is to allow for an easy learning curve for a non-crypto. So any user (over 18) can access the content, as long as they have a crypto wallet like trust wallet or metamask.

Key Features of the Taboo Marketplace That Sets it Apart From Other

The Taboo NFT marketplace is one of the key milestones in the project’s history and path ahead as the marketplace offers breakthrough services, features for both content creators and buyers. Content Creators will be able to do the following,

  • Mint NFTs using the Taboo NFT minting function, on the Marketplace,
  • Submit content and submit for approval, by the Taboo Moderators.
  • Set firm prices for NFT sales or put their NFTs up for auction and bidding competitions!

Content Creators that wish to cash out their earnings, may do so through the Fiat on-ramp, subject to all national and international regulations. The Marketplace payment methods are immediate and trustless. There is no 2-day waiting period for payment. All NFT sales and purchases are immediately transferred to the creator’s account, minus the Platform’s 8% processing fee. Apart from creators, the users also enjoy an array of features and services some of which include,

  • Buy any content listed for sale on the marketplace.
  • View, Search, Filter, and Sort Content,
  • Check their bought content.
  • Check their transaction history.
  • Can follow, comment, and interact with their favorite content creators’ profiles.
  • Buy, Bid, and compete for NFTs sold at auction.
  • Stake Taboo, to earn more Taboo!
  • Yield farming 

Additionally, Taboo will be hosting parties at its very own Taboo Mansion, for the mystical Tier 4 holders. There are several designated and chosen locations, but the team has decided to keep this secret, until the time is ripe. There will also be online meetups, for the Covid-19 Conscious, parties to support Trade Shows, and more! This is the benefit for being a member of the Fourth Tier of the tiered model. Users get to come be a part of Taboo, with the models, parties, and locations. Treated like the VIPs Taboo considers them to be.

Future features to be included in Marketplace Version 2, to come sometime Late 2021-Early 2022 are:

  1. VR
  2. Live Streaming
  3. Active Tipping
  4. Advertising/Monetization of space
  5. Staking onto individual profiles
  6.  Even more high profile models
  7. Private DM’s, video chats, texts with creators
  8. Cross-chain integration of the hottest chains in Cryptocurrency.
  9. Immutable NFT’s 
  10. fiat onramp
  11. other project coin farming, on our platform, providing marketing support to them and allowing users to farm taboo on our platform, for that.
  12. And more! 

To learn more about Taboo visit

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