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The Next Wave of Blockchain: CrazyBunny, A Gaming-driven Online Entertainment Economy


The success of earning while playing games has created a positive impact on the blockchain industry. This important influence has fundamentally changed the game of paid games and returned them back to what they originally looked like, and even make profits out of them. Now, this massive gaming movement has made its advance and successfully become one of the infrastructures in the blockchain industry.

The concept of “earning while playing” has gradually taken shape in modern days. Even now, it’s creating its own microeconomics by changing the old Pay2Earn system into Play2Earn in most games as we speak. With the mature development of experienced DeFi players and NFT projects, the field of blockchain entertainment games may be the key to the ultimate realization of large-scale applications.

Decentralized Blockchain Entertainment Has Become the Next Wave of Generation

One of the many positive aspects of blockchain is that it allows users to make passive income. The first example is DeFi, in which users may invest their assets through various channels to earn returns. GameFi, also called “the gamified Defi”, is a new channel where players can optimize their interests through different options by having total control over their game assets.

Earning-while-playing type games allow users to make real income through their in-game currency. This new outbreak of blockchain games has further stimulated the spawning of Play2Earn. Play2Earn symbolizes the era of GameFi. Blockchain games in this era introduce the DeFi agreement – promote tradings of game assets via the Defi + NFT method. In the next phase, more blockchain games will be launched on the market. These games will not just be games, but a new economy that creates new revenue.

CrazyBunny Creates a New Decentralized Online Entertainment Platform

CrazyBunny is the first Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) project of blockchain games. This means that it is the first decentralized gaming platform that does not belong to anyone, even its creator. CrazyBunny advocates the sharing of profits and expects publicly circulated tokens to be placed on the market in full numbers. As for the 5% platform tokens owned by the founding team, they will also be conditionally released at particular periods, batch by batch.

Every time the platform tokens are released, the founding team will also announce the next phase of the development plan. However, the DAO holds the final decision on how exactly these tokens are to be used, which is evidence that the founding team does not own any of the tokens. If somehow the founding team needs the platform token ($CBUNNY), their only way is to purchase it from the market. In other words, it is DAO that has the right to speak and make decisions. DAO shall decide all CrazyBunny’s marketing, development, and distribution plans.

Profit Sharing: Players are Shareholders

In order to make CrazyBunny a player’s platform, any participant who owns the $CBUNNY token will automatically become the shareholder of CrazyBunny and may enjoy profit sharing from the platform.

$CBunny is the platform token that CrazyBunny launches on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). That is to say, it is the value centre of the CrazyBunny platform. Daily profits from the platform will be released in real-time to all users via our DAPP.  Therefore, as long as players continue to play on the platform, they will not only make profits from the earned platform tokens, but are also allowed to trade them with other platform tokens on the market.

Professional & Transparent Audit: Diversified Returns with High Circulation

Apart from this, CrazyBunny also chooses to collaborate with the world-renowned Binance. This means that it accepts professional audits from CERTIK, hence the decentralized online entertainment platform‘s professionalism and transparency are guaranteed. All audit data can be found on CERTIK to ensure this platform is completely and only managed by DAO.

Currently, CrazyBunny is officially launched on PancakeSwap. This means that all tokens obtained in CrazyBunny games can be exchanged on this platform. The platform also provides newcomers with loads of surprise returns and a more diversified gaming list to have more interesting games to participate in, and of course, earning while playing!



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