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Press Release

TunedCoin Now Trading on Azbit Exchange with Successful Launch and Upcoming Staking Opportunities

The Music Blockchain Research Foundation is thrilled to announce that as of Friday, March 15, TunedCoin (TUC) has officially begun trading on the Azbit crypto exchange. Marking a significant milestone for the project, TUC launched with a TUC/BTC pair, starting at 0.0000025 BTC. By 3 PM EDT on March 18, it witnessed an encouraging rise to approximately 0.00000268 BTC, reflecting positive market reception and investor confidence in TunedCoin’s potential to revolutionize the music industry through blockchain technology.

This listing not only signifies TunedCoin‘s growing prominence in the cryptocurrency landscape but also underscores their commitment to providing a transparent, efficient, and equitable ecosystem for artists, fans, and music industry stakeholders. The successful launch on Azbit is a testament to the hard work of their team and the unwavering support of the community, setting the stage for the next phase of growth and development.

In addition to this exciting milestone, they are pleased to announce that staking opportunities for TUC holders will become available in the coming weeks. This initiative is designed to reward the community for their support and participation, offering another avenue to engage with and benefit from the growth of TunedCoin.

The Music Blockchain Research Foundation invites our community and potential supporters to stay updated on the latest news, announcements, and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions by joining the official Telegram group at The team is dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication and providing timely updates on TunedCoin’s progress, upcoming features, and community events.

As TunedCoin continues to gain momentum, they look forward to introducing more innovative features, expanding the partnerships within the music and blockchain industries, and further enhancing the value proposition of TUC for all stakeholders. The listing on Azbit is just the beginning of the journey to redefine the music industry’s future, and they are excited for what lies ahead.

About TunedCoin

TunedCoin, managed by the Music Blockchain Research Foundation, is a pioneering cryptocurrency project aiming to leverage blockchain technology to address key challenges in the music industry, including copyright management, artist compensation, and fan engagement. With its recent listing on Azbit and plans for staking, TunedCoin is poised for significant growth and impact.


For media inquiries and more information, please visit TunedCoin’s Official Website or join our Telegram group at

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