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X10 Legends Battle version Strategy Guide

Entering 2021, the Metaverse ushered in accelerated growth and development and drove the investment boom in NFT and GameFi tracks, and became a hot topic in the crypto, fintech and venture capital community. Internet technology giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple are vying for a share of the pie, and Chinese tech giants such as Tencent, NetEase, and Baidu are also accelerating their R&D. As a bridge between the virtual world and the real world, the metaverse contains huge ramifications for social media, entertainment, creative and real estate industry.

All kinds of indications show that NFTs has become the hot spot in today’s blockchain community, and the flow of a large amount of capital has brought rare opportunities for NFT to accelerate their development. In the process of rapid growth, the concept of “NFT + meta-universe” headed by Axie Infinity has become popular and attracted a large number of players. With the rising popularity and exponential growth in user base, a large number of GameFi projects have sprung up, seeking to dethrone the king. X10 Legends is one of the rising stars that combines NFT and meta-universe on the Binance Smart Chain. This article will do a simple analysis on the game strategy of X10 Legends for players of different levels.

X10 Legends has been opened to the global through its public beta. All players can download it on the official website. As a senior player of KPG Game Association, I also experienced this game. Today, I will share with you the introduction in the game

The main source of revenue for games is to participate in Clan territorial wars where different players get different benefits according to the territory they occupy. However there is a level restriction where the player account needs to reach level 45. At the same time, the first one in the game will start to issue an extra 10,000 in-game tokens the next day after reaching level 45. Therefore, there are many dividends in the early stage, and how to quickly rise to level 45 is also the key to the game

At present, it takes physical strength to gain experience and upgrade in the game. Physical strength is the same for everyone, The difference is that everyone can buy an extra 40 physical pills every day to supplement their physical strength. Therefore, this is definitely to be bought. After all, the more physical strength, the more you play, the faster you upgrade, and at the same time, you can sweep the checkpoints. Therefore, it is basically enough to spend one or two hours playing every day. At the same time, your physical strength is 1 point every 6 minutes, which is 100 points full. Therefore, it is recommended that you take out three time to play every day.

In addition, after entering the territory competition, we need to fight with other players. Strength is also very important in the game. According to the current situation we play, we can buy some Ganoderma lucidum and equipment fragments every day in the game, and we must buy them every day if we have conditions, because these are very important to improve our strength, including some equipment fragments that take time to synthesize, and we will get them one day later if we buy them less. In addition, it is the character quality of our battle. Combination, skill collocation, fetter combination, then these are very need a lot of other characters to be able to complete, here also predict, the price of X10 will go up a wave.

Besides, I only see one way for non-paying players to make money at present. If there are other ways, please add them. After reaching the level, we can use the silver contributed by guild to buy gold card and red card fragments, or some key purple card fragments to synthesize heroes, because these heroes are difficult to get, and after synthesizing heroes, we can turn back to 1.0 for sale, which basically does not worry about buyers. So the above is the general strategy of the game. I hope everyone can have a good time.

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