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Press Release

Arcade Token – Crypto Games all at one place.

A library for all crypto related games.

Gamers, this is an exciting era, especially as we are growing daily in the crypto scene and are being build everywhere, so the time is now, to bring them all to one place.

The product of a group of developers passion for playing games and generating wealth in the cryptocurrency space. The teams goal for Arcade is to become the leader in the Game-Fi industry by bridging gamers and developers around the world,  providing them thé platform to share each others experiences and creations, all while improving the Arcade ecosystem.

Launching the platform for developers to create their own games using the Arcade’s Api’s built for them, will give the developers the opportunity to create anything they want through Arcade.

Arcade Token

Founding principal of Fair to Play gaming.

The Arcade team firmly believes that gaming should be enjoyable and accessible to everyone, without the need to spend additional funding just to be on equal footing with higher-paying players.
In essence, Arcade will always strive to provide a platform where players compete on an equal-level playing field, giving each participant equal opportunities to participate.

Arcades first flagship game is currently in development, which is aimed to be released in the first quarter of 2022. The game takes inspiration from the loved, retro games we all played in our youth, with the Arcade dog as the protagonist.
Our hero will progress through a personal adventure, created by their love for gaming, and encounter fun power-ups and unique monsters. More details about the game will be released as the game launch date draws closer. Here’s a little sneak peak!

Arcade Token

First game “Farm Mode”

Arcade is building their first game called “Farm Mode”, where you can stake (your converted ArcadeTokens to Starshard) and start taking care of your precious plants and upgrade your character, together with a “Story Mode”. To play “Farm Mode, you must convert your “ARCADE TOKENS” to “StarShards”, now you can allocate your “StarShards” where you would like to. StarShards are the currency in “Farm Mode”.

Arcade is also creating other multiple games on the Arcade platform, which are still under wraps.

In addition, the team also plans to onboard more and more play-to-earn games into the Arcade ecosystem. An NFT Marketplace is also currently in development, where people can buy and sell NFT in-game items related to the Arcade Universe.



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