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Breaking News: Moon Rabbit $AAA Becomes The Most Traded Coin On MeXC Global After Elon Musk’s Tweet

moon rabbit

Elon’s new favorite coin is making serious waves in Asia. After Elon Musk’s mysterious twit Moon Rabbit’s $AAA become#1 most traded coin on MeXC Global, beating $BTC and $ETH. Don’t miss this #WEB3 Gem with ex-$Doge team onboard!

What is Moon Rabbit ?

Moon Rabbit is a Polkadot fork offering a substrate based ecosystem making Web3 and substrate much more accessible. The high level vision of the project is to use Web3 and crypto to accelerate the longevity industry.

For More Information on Moon Rabbit , Please Visit:


Own Main-Net Explorer:

Staking with up to 500% APY:











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