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Chronoface – Upcoming NFT Watch Project That You Should Definitely Look Into

NFTs have gained traction over the past year, and recent popular NFT projects are trying to bridge the gap between Web 3 and Web 2 spaces. There are a wide range of industries where NFTs have entered and offer different utility to their holders, including fashion, sports, art, music, and comics.

The NFT market itself had surpassed a valuation of $40 billion during late 2021, inching closer to the total annual sales volume of the fine art market. This valuation is expected to increase as numerous exciting NFT drops continue to occur – while providing lucrative investing opportunities to savvy investors. Play-to-earn gaming and the ongoing developments in the metaverse are further propelling the industry’s growth. As new NFT projects are spawned into the market every other day, it is difficult to choose one that is worth putting money in.

However, if you are on the lookout for some of the best NFT projects, look no further as we  bring to you our recommendation today.

Introducing Singapore based NFT watch maker Chronoface, they create exclusive digital watches with luxurious designs comparable to the physical watch market; if not superior to that of a physical watch. Chronoface’s products revolve around the concept of non-fungibility or digital scarcity. In addition to being easy to purchase online, their prices are transparent – providing a true evaluation of their value.

To serve the different markets, the team developed a wide collection of face designs and works with various brands and artists. Currently, Chronoface offers limited edition collectible smartwatch faces to the rapidly growing smartwatch market. With a total of 4988 unique NFTs watches, Chronoface serves as the connection from the real world to the metaverse!

The Chronoface NFT application will be available on Android and iOS devices, allowing users to pair their NFT faces with almost any smartwatch. Each watch face is unique and can only be owned by one person. In their development plans for NFT smartwatch users, Chronoface also suggested a global marketplace for NFT smartwatch users to buy, sell, and trade content anywhere in the world. In the future, it is also expected that their NFT will be used in the metaverse, allowing users to wear their watches and explore Chronoface’s storefront in their avatars.

Chronoface stands itself out from other NFT projects in the market and provides huge potential to bring a new wave of enthusiasm to Web 3 and the metaverse. If you are planning on with making a investment with NFTs, Chronoface is certainly one to go for.

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