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Press Release

CSSA Token will be officially listed on Viproex Exchange on July 28


In July of this year, the ICO project that raised more than US$205 million in one hour in 2019-CSSA Token finally announced that after two years of preparation, they will switch to the main network at block 388,888 (estimated time Falling on July 28), officially listed on the Viproex exchange, it is estimated that the market’s eager anticipation and attention will cause a strong price rise.

NFT experienced a roller coaster-like journey in the first half of 2021. According to the joint statistical report of and CSSA Token, the global NFT transaction value has continued to rise since February, and in early May, the transaction value reached the peak of this wave of US$320 million, and then returned to the recent 5,000. Between US$60 million and US$60 million, it is estimated that this is less than one percent of the global future transaction value. During this period, Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” was sold for US$69 million with NFT; a slam dunk by LeBron James was sold for US$200,000 with NFT and other jaw-dropping transactions.

The report of and CSSA Token pointed out that there are more buyers in the NFT market than sellers, and most of the buyers’ purpose is to collect. The transaction volume increased sharply in 2021Q1, but it cooled down significantly in June and returned to lively transactions in July. All are dominated by international heavyweights. The largest online sales in 2021Q2 will be won by the art department, followed by the collectibles department. As the various sales of Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses are developing, but do not fully reflect the online/NFT chain transaction statistics, this part will become a rolling adjustment.

Investors and mainstream exchanges are obviously also aware of the value of the NFT and CSSA Token target markets. After the news of the launch of the CSSA Token mainnet, many exchanges announced their support for the business of CSSA Token listing, hoping to be the first to share the market dividends. Of course, Viproex exchange will not miss this opportunity. It will be held on July 28. CSSA Token’s first online exchange.

The current circulating market value of CSSA Token is about 100 million U.S. dollars. With the amazing community popularity of CSSA Token, will it cause another wave of hype and make prices fluctuate again? Or is CSSA Token able to expand the market smoothly as many analysts are optimistic? The value of the project is worthy of attention.

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