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Press Release

FaceDAO: A Web 3.0 Application Pays You for Your Data to Make Real-World Transactions

Companies such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter use your data for targeted advertisements, and advertisers pay these companies in exchange for your personal information. But are you getting a fair deal with these platforms? A growing community believes that you should also be paid a share for providing your information. Holding with this belief FaceDAO, a web 3.0 application launched to pay its users for sharing their personal information and they can use their earnings to make real world purchases. Recently, a user on FaceDAO made a transaction almost similar to Bitcoin Pizza.

Your Data is being used to earn big money, but you receive Nothing!

Social media companies primarily make money by selling user data for advertising. In 2021, Meta (formerly Facebook) had 2.85 billion monthly active users with a total yearly advertising revenue of over $114 billion US dollars. Twitter had 206 million daily active users worldwide with a total advertising revenue of $1.41 billion in 2021. Similarly, Instagram had 2 billion monthly active users in 2021 and the company generated an ad revenue of over $26 billion USD.

These companies, including other similar platforms, used your data to generate this much yearly advertising revenue in 2021. But what did you get in exchange? Nothing!

Companies collect data by tracking your viewing habits

Companies collect data by tracking your viewing habits because it has value, more specifically for targeted advertising. For example, a manufacturer company makes a product for a special age, and location of people. By using the collected data, the company will send ads on the way to the target audience with more possibilities to result in sales. It means the company is supposed to be more relevant to consumers.  For this purpose, such companies pay money to data collector companies, which then track you to look into your viewing habits and provide them with information.

Not only for advertising, but your data is also used for research purposes.

This concept appears well and good with no harm, but in other words it is a synonym for privacy invasion. Like, the companies know what you are actually searching on the web. Unfortunately, there is not any legal regime for data protection, either.

FaceDAO gives ownership back to users and pays them for their data

FaceDAO is a web 3.0 decentralized platform that connects decentralized communities to interact with 100% real people. It is the next-generation social media platform built on the blockchain to provide transparency, freedom of expression and high-level security to its users.

It is an application where you can connect your various online social media accounts. Unlike web 2.0 platforms, FaceDAO gives users’ data ownership back to them by paying them for their data and activities as they are the ultimate beneficiaries. On sharing data and using the platform, FaceDAO rewards its users with $FACE tokens. Users having active FaceDAO accounts can receive these tokens only.

Users can receive these tokens in different ways, such as daily allocation if you are a daily active user and perform certain tasks. They can also earn $FACE by activities such as like, comment, retweet, post, chat, and followers. Both content creators and consumers can earn tokens. All positive social behaviors are automatically rewarded with $FACE tokens.

FaceDAO also allows its users to earn more tokens by following methods.

Task reward: obtained by performing platform’s activities such as becoming a part of the promotional activities following some conditions to be fulfilled within the specific time limit.

Invitation rewards: Invite your friends to join the platform to get rewards.

Passive Income: Users can set up advertising spaces on their personal homepages and can choose to post or not. The ad revenue generated will be distributed to all $FACE holders according to their holdings ratio.

Administrator role: Earn rewards by managing and maintaining the platform’s rules and regulations.

The more activities users will do, and the more data they will share, the more they can earn. $FACE is minted on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. Its maximum supply is 1,000 trillion.

The First Transaction on FaceDAO was similar to Bitcoin Pizza

FaceDAO tokens are designed to be used within the FaceDAO platform. $FACE tokens are beta utility tokens which are not intended to be a currency, cryptocurrency, security, commodity, investment, or other similar thing. On FaceDAO platforms, the $FACE tokens available to users for use are indicated in users’ FaceDAO account as token balance.

Recently, the very first, quite revolutionary, transaction happened on the FaceDAO platform. In this transaction in the app, a user (suppose, James) asked another user (suppose, William) to recharge his phone bill.  For doing so, James airdropped some $FACE tokens to William and in exchange William recharged James’s phone bill.

This was entirely similar to the historical Bitcoin Pizza transaction. In May 2010, Jeremy Sturdivant from California fulfilled a request to send two large pizzas from Papa John’s in exchange for 10,000 Bitcoins, valued at $41 at that time, to Florida resident Laszlo Hanyecz. The request was made on a cryptocurrency internet forum, and it became the first real-world purchase made with Bitcoin in history.

FaceDAO ensures NO privacy invasion

On FaceDAO users can decide what content is allowed, or in other words, they can decide the content they want to watch. The platform is built on blockchain and ensures trust and transparency.

Unlike web 2.0 applications, FaceDAO ensures no privacy invasion, no data manipulation, and no shady algorithms. FaceDAO also allows its users to participate in the platform’s governance based on their $FACE holdings. So, they can participate in making and changing policies on the FaceDAO platform by voting.

Moreover, you often have heard that years old accounts of people on web 2.0 social media are hacked. Hackers steal these accounts to sell them for a profit. But on FaceDAO there is no such risk. The immutable blockchain nature and real people facial recognition made it difficult for hackers to sell accounts.

With FaceDAO there is no possibility for Fake Accounts or Bots

The web 2.0 social media is flooded with fake and misleading information. There is a lack of transparency due to unusual manipulation. For example, a 2.0 internet-based online review platform, Trustpilot provides a service to review any product or service. With the help of this platform, any company can gather a large number of positive reviews for any unworthy products.

In a similar case, Google’s Al system removed around 100k negative reviews of the Robinhood app from Play Store. It was detected that attempts were made to manipulate the rating to fail the app ranking.

Combining the same Al functionality and web 3.0 internet features, FaceDAO removes unwanted manipulation by ensuring no fake accounts or bots. Each person can have only one account on the platform. FaceDAO utilizes 3D live verification and authentication to ensure that everyone on the platform is 100% a real person. The one-to-one correspondence between accounts and faces generated by blockchain technology removes all the risks associated with fake accounts.

So, the comments, likes, and reviews you will see on FaceDAO will be 100% organic and authentic, and can help you to make your choices more effectively.

FaceDAO is a revolutionary crypto socialfi app

FaceDAO is a blockchain-based social media platform, but it focuses on the importance of users that comprise it. By rewarding users for their data and activities, the platform ensures a sense of collective ownership. FaceDAO will also redefine advertising. Business can be accommodated with real customers and fans that will result in long-term growth.

The $FACE token is in its early stages of adoption, so its use cases are just like Bitcoin in its initial years after launch. But the token has the potential to acquire increasing value.

Up till now, you have been using social media to help those platforms to make money without getting any share of it. Now it is time to switch to FaceDAO social media app that ensures that 90% of the revenue generated by the platform is distributed among users.

Join FaceDAO today for an enhanced social media experience combined with high-level ownership, performance, graphics, security and reward system.

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