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GOinfluencer Success Stories #2: Cryptia

About Cryptia

Cyptia is a NFT-based open-world game, where gamers may hire Adventurers, explore Ruins, and find unique items in a full-scale blockchain fantasy RPG. Adventurers and items are NFTs that are powered by the $CRYPT token and have a range of characteristics. Gamers can use these to help navigate Monsters and solve puzzles with many levels of difficulty and #PlayToEarn tons of prizes.

Cryptia’s aim is not only to indulge with crypto investors but to also develop a fully functional and uniquely crafted RPG. As players spend hundreds of hours in the game, their characters develop unique properties and equip themselves with rare items, which make their character one-of-a-kind with a uniquely curated adventure. Every monster the player defeats, there’s a chance to win unexpected rare rewards, allowing players to completely display their in-game knowledge and ability. Players must therefore earn, trade, and level up in an effort to defeat multi-level monsters and advance to the next level. Cryptia introduced this idea to GOinfluencer and partnered with them to increase their brand awareness, which would consequently lead to an increase in their Twitter following. 

About GOinfluencer

GOinfluencer assists brands in making the influencer marketing process as simple as possible. By enabling end-to-end automation, its machine learning and AI-driven software makes it simple for brands to execute influencer marketing campaigns. From finding the correct group of influencers to campaign administration and analytics, GOinfluencer Suite automates the whole influencer marketing value chain.

Campaign Details

GOinfluencer marketing campaigns are currently focused on Twitter only. They have already associated themselves with over 150 Twitter influencers. GOinfluencer uses the public APIs of Twitter to extract influencer data and follower base, to verify their reach and authenticity. GOinfluencer then filters these influencers based on originality, past performance, profile verification status and expected future performance, which, when compiled together, forms the proprietary GOinfluencer score. 

Keeping in mind the client requirements and budget, GOinfluencer shortlisted the perfect 7 influencers for the project, who had a combined following of over seven hundred thousand. The factors like high-quality content, relatability and the ability to deliver a brand’s message were the key criteria to shortlist these influencers. These influencers accepted the project and curated unique content for the #worldofcryptia and #fun2play2earn campaign and endorsed its unique and well crafted RPG mechanics. These influencers were able to spread awareness to thousands of gamers and crypto investors because of their varied and targeted following.

Best in class Results

GOinfluencer hosted the campaign over the course of 10 days where the influencers followed the roadmap drafted by them. GOinfluencer kept track of every influencer’s posts and extracted the necessary data from it. The data was further analysed and an in-depth post campaign report was generated for the brand which contained information about every influencer and their respective tweets. The campaign was an enormous success for Cryptia.

GOinfluencer’s influencer marketing campaign resulted  in the market best CPE of $0.17 and CPM of $0.86. Not only that, the campaign also increased the project’s brand awareness and followers. The Twitter handle of Cryptia saw a 579% increase in the number of followers. Through its meticulous planning and execution, GOinfluencer was able to make this campaign successful in a cost efficient manner. 

Partner with GOinfluencer to achieve market best results for your business and Give your brand a rocket boost with GOinfluencer.

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