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Grow your earnings with the revolutionary GameFi Digital Wallet, MetaPocket

The concept of earning through gaming no longer raises eyebrows in 2022 – a new GameFi (a mix of gaming and decentralized finance) game where players can earn cryptocurrency is released almost every other week, and the crypto gaming community is extremely active whether in-game, or on socials like Twitter, Discord, Twitch, Telegram or even YouTube.

In 2022, a new digital wallet MetaPocket is set to up the level of earning for all GameFi and NFT enthusiasts, whether they’re users or developers. MetaPocket is suitable for use across currencies, layers and various chains, working well with top platforms Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polkadot, Fantom and so on. There are three main features in MetaPocket, starting with the Game Discovery feature where users can explore various blockchain games, complemented by the In-App Game Browser where users can interact with the games, and topped off with the Yield Farming feature where users can stake any supported GameFi token to mine for METAPK tokens to start receiving yield! MetaPocket is currently trusted by the top games and GameFi projects including Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Decentraland, Yield Guild Games and much more, with an ever-growing list of supported games.

The MetaPocket utility token METAPK is not only a link between the wallet, user and developer, but also gives holders (both users and developers) exclusive benefits from airdrops and other rewards to discounted fees. It also functions as a security where developers pay METAPK as a deposit to protect the users’ funds in case anything happens to go wrong, and users make any losses.

MetaPocket will function not only as a super practical GameFi digital wallet but also as a community aggregator. With the power to support multiple platforms and games, communities from all over the world can all benefit from the METAPK token by pledging their GameFi tokens and mining together. With the strength of community increasing the token price of METAPK, users can profit more than simply the amount they earn through playing in GameFi, and developers get greater potential for their games to grow through this aggregated community.

They have a clear roadmap mapped out from launch to; in Q2 2022, the swap cross-chain bridge and limit order protocol will be released. Q3 2022 will see their ROO NFTs launch and the MetaPocket marketplace and launchpad go live as well.

MetaPocket aims to simplify GameFi for everyone by breaking down barriers, and make earning much easier for all decentralized gamers and developers!

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