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Press Release

HayFever is Building the World’s First Play-to-Earn (P2E) Informational DEX


Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) have emerged as one of the most significant breakout use cases in the crypto industry. Even though it was launched in 2012, it only became popular this bull season after a digital artist known as Beeple sold his digital art for $69 million dollars. Making headlines around the world and providing the NFT market with much-needed exposure. Since then – artists, celebrities, sports stars, and mainstream brands have launched NFTs, bringing in millions of dollars in auction. Since the first quarter of 2021, the NFT market has come a long way, with many new use cases becoming popular in the NFT ecosystem over the past two quarters.

The Non Fungible Token (NFT) market has grown to become a $15 billion industry in 2021 and the latest craze seems to be around crypto gaming. The play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem is currently in high demand and a number of new projects are making a foray into the ecosystem, with intriguing game play and lucrative rewards. The ecosystem is growing fast, but quite disintegrated with many projects getting swept under the radar. By the time most people come to know of it, the earning opportunities dies down. This problem is being resolved by HayFever, a decentralized project building the first informational DEX dedicated to the P2E NFT gaming ecosystem.

HAYFEVER intends to devote all of its resources towards the crypto gaming platforms. $HAY (the native currency utility token) is intended to be a secure and resilient trading token for retail investors. Instead of flooding the market with yet another game or INU, the project takes pride in advocating for uniqueness.  $HAY is only the beginning of our journey; once the platform is complete, the project will launch additional products. 

The HayFever Platform Integration

The HayFever platform aspires to be a one-stop shop for all things related to P2E Gaming Tokens.It is building a universal hub to support, advertise, and promote P2E gaming tokens all from a single platform.The platform is currently under development and would comprise of four major sections:

TRENDING/POPULARITY: HayFever will compile a list of the top five most popular games which will be refreshed every two hours.. Volume, current popularity, and social media reaction will be key metrics to determine whether games/projects are popular. The trending list isn’t supposed to be a “pay to play” list; it’s meant to be accurate. This will necessitate continual game monitoring, and determining validity will become a communal endeavor.

GAMEPLAY REVIEW/RATINGS: This  section is where the community will come together to help one another. The HayFever team alone can’t play every game and write a review for each one, thus it will collect community reviews for games and create a rating system based on a variety of reviews. This method will allow for the collection of legitimate, unbiased opinions from a large number of people. Participants in the community will be able to enter special giveaways for ETH prizes as well, making it a win-win situation.

EARN RATIO PER GAME: This section will be dedicated towards highlighting the best perks/rewards for each P2E game. This section would show the earnings ratio for each game. Thus, it will be a frequently updated section to ensure users get the most bang for their buck. It will help newcomers and experienced players to play some of the best rewarding games in the crypto gaming ecosystem.

ADVERTISING & PROMOTION: P2E gaming tokens will be able to advertise on the HayFever platform in order to promote their games. Trending services will be available for marketing. We’ll have a weekly spotlight to highlight new games. A user-selected “choice of the week” will also be picked. We aim to highlight the tokens and games that are supported by the community. This isn’t a platform that will promote anyone who sends in a payment. The platform prioritizes quality above quantity and values the safety of potential investors. It’s all for the better good of the MetaVerse gaming community at the end of the day.

HayFever platform would ensure all the projects listed on its DEX goes through a rigorous inspection. However, the rankings in different categories should not be perceived as investment advice. Players and traders should make their own decision while using the HayFever DEX platform as a utility tool to keep an eye on the NFT gaming market.

During any bull cycle all kinds of tokens make all time high and the same is true with NFTs. It became even more evident when the likes of CryptoPunk and ETHRocks, two NFT collections from 2017 fetched millions for each of their NFTs. However, by the time a majority of retail traders or commoners came to know about it celebrities have already gained access to  thousands of these collectibles where each of them were fetching more than a million dollars. The same would happen to the new era of gaming NFTs as well and HayFever aims to open the opportunity for everyone to get access to some of the hottest projects of tomorrow.

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