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Press Release

Marcoins: The World’s First Crypto Marketing and NFT Ecosystem


The Marcoin concept is to replace traditional marketing efforts such as loyalty and reward points with coins that customers may use right now or save in their wallets for future price rises or exchange with other cryptocurrencies. Marcoins native cryptocurrency will be utilised by retailers to replace traditional marketing tactics such as points, discounts, and free things. This project depends on transferring traditional marketing and sales promotion to the crypto and NFT world. 

In a world of rapid change and rising technology advancements, flexible marketing is required – clever marketing that can adapt to the needs of every project and any market conditions. The Marcoins will be a cutting-edge marketing firm dedicated to developing B2B services for blockchain-based initiatives and tokenized enterprises. The objective is to provide fundamental projects with a competent, tailored, and elastic marketing approach as they join the cryptocurrency world. Marcoin has developed a marketing strategy for the future. 

Discover, upload and enjoy the benefit of big retailers’ funs collections of NFTS. Marcoins NFTS World is the world’s first marketing NFT marketplace that would combine the best of NFT popularity and retail adoption. Marcoins will shortly offer private Marcoins sales at a cost of 1 cent USD per Marcoin, followed by public sales with a large stack of Marcoins available for shops. For ICO, IDO, and IEO, Marcoin will provide promotional services. The commission on the generated net profit will be used to bill all of the support. The project will promote all ICO Launchpads that will be featured on Marcoin.

How does Marcoins Work?

Marcoin will create digital smart contracts in the form of a retail app or website, allowing users to choose the number of coins to reward Marcoin based on particular sales values. Retailers are allocated a set amount of Marcoin based on their volume and promotional activity. To prepare the process, merchants’ technical programmers will add the smart contract and consumer wallets gateway link. Customers will receive Marcoin by linking their digital wallets, such as MetaMask, Trust, or any other wallet.

Future plans for the next stage include adding some DeFi products to the Marcoins ecosystem, such as a consumer loan for purchasing store products and a payment gateway called MarcoinsPay, as well as expanding our products and services to provide more value to our customers and merchants.

Marcoins aims to revolutionize the retail sector via various use cases including NFTs. As of today, the mainstream financial giants such as Visa and Mastercard are already making headway into the crypto retail market, but there have been very few crypto projects focused on creating a truly marketing ecosystem. With NFTs popularity soaring this year, it has become a go-to tool for mainstream big brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Gucci, and many more. Not just brands, influencers, celebrities are also getting actively involved in brand promotions via NFTs and thus Marcoins could prove to be a perfect gateway for a whole lot of brands in the near future. 

Today, Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, have become a craze, with people spending millions of dollars on JPEGs. As strange as it may sound, this is the new normal, and NFTs will be a large part of digital collectibles in the next few years. NFTs were first conceived in 2016 as a way to tokenize securities and use them as a fan token for professional sports teams. However, in 2017, NFTs broke into the mainstream when Bepple’s digital painting sold for $69 million, giving the NFT sector widespread prominence. Since then, ancient NFT rock image collections have sold for millions of dollars. Marcoins aims to take the concept of NFTs to next level and make it a commodity to rely on during marketing and beyond.

As of today, the NFTs issued by mainstream brands are often out of the reach of common collectors due to the price disparity and various others reasons. Marcoins would create an even ground for traders and investors from all types of backgrounds. The native token is currently available on the Pancakeswap for purchase and early entrants can get a benefit over late joiners.

Strong Leadership

Marwan Zamkah

Marwan Zamkah is the founder of the Marcoins project. He completed his Masters in Industrial engineering and is currently the founder and CEO of eMalls. Originally from Saudi Arabia, he specialises in technology and ecommerce sector. Under his guidance Marcoins project is deemed to have good future ahead. 

Why Marcoins will be Revolutionary to the Marketing Sector

One of the long-term aims is to create a platform where you can automatically acquire marketing services that will be performed by our freelancers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in record time. Buying traffic, developing high-performing banners, and promoting yourself on social media? Marcoins will take care of whatever it is. Building long-term relationships with project users, investors, and clients, the Marcoins team is completely transparent in its operations and follows European Union standards.

In today’s world, where the internet and blockchain are evolving at breakneck speed, it’s critical to consider not only what and how you advertise, but also why you advertise. The e-commerce and blockchain industries require marketing and advertising that will not only aid with promotion, but also with building the project’s community, focusing on essentials, maintaining networking, and ensuring the company’s reliability. This is the first time that marketing considers not just the relationship between the firm and the consumer, but also the relationship between the consumer and the company. The Marcoins Token would like to enter the world of cryptocurrencies based on its history and foundations.

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