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Top Cryptocurrencies To Buy Or Hold Post Terra Luna Crash

While it’s a well-known fact that cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and one should not be surprised when faced with the fluctuation of cryptocurrencies, the latest Terra / LUNA crash has thrown the crypto market into disarray, with many having lost a large sum of their investment monies and some even losing their life savings. Now that the market is trying to crawl back to recovery, there are a handful of cryptocurrencies that investors believe would be a wise choice to buy now (at a discount if you haven’t yet), or to continue holding to recoup your losses and make greater gains. These are apart from the Terra (LUNA/ UST) coins that are contentious at the moment, with some believing it will bounce back and this is a great time to get theirs, and some completely having lost faith.

#1 Bitcoin

It seems like a no-brainer to have Bitcoin on this list, because Bitcoin has been holding its power in the cryptocurrency world since its inception. While Bitcoin’s prices do fluctuate, its future in cryptocurrency looks pretty secured for the near-to-far future, so in this down season it’s a good idea to purchase Bitcoin, whether to sell during a pump or continue holding till things start looking up.

#2 Ethereum

Ethereum is the next-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, and its utility all over the world through many projects built on it combined with its leadership power puts it right after Bitcoin on this list. Its price has also dipped, but ETH is still a promising token to hold for the same reasons BTC is; and perhaps even more, with ETH 2.0 coming up. As projects rely on ETH to survive, it is likely that the cryptocurrency will be a good investment at this point in time.

#3 Tether

Tether is built on Ethereum and was considered one of TerraUSD’s biggest competitors before the crash. Tether has managed to keep its value after having increased it post-crash as it is backed by fiat currency, which means cash and cash equivalents are kept in reserve accounts to ensure that the stablecoins keep their peg. While the best time to purchase it might have been at the moment of a lower price, this is still a good coin to have in your portfolio.

#4 MetaPocket

The MetaPocket digital wallet needs little introduction. Despite being relatively new, its out-of-this-world functionalities in-app have drawn investors globally – these include being able to access a wide array of P2E games, earn via Yield Farming or staking of GameFi coins, being compatible with multiple platforms and currencies, and even offerings like a sniper bot to snipe tokens at launch. It’s likely that MetaPocket will continue to grow with GameFi increasing in popularity.

#5 Apecoin

Apecoin found popularity just this year with its launch, and is the token of the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. Many crypto enthusiasts also tend to be NFT enthusiasts, and one could even say that BAYC is the Bitcoin of NFT. With BAYC still being a huge hit in the NFT landscape, there is good reason to believe that APE will have the potential to be one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in time to come.

#6 Binance Coin

Binance Coin or BNB is the native token of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, which is one of the largest and most well-known crypto exchanges today. Binance brings crypto to the world of finance and economic markets with its reliable exchange. BNB is also trading at a low at time of writing, and could be profitable in the long run considering its high takeup and the reliance the crypto world has on it.

#7 Uniswap

Uniswap is another large exchange that allows its traders to trade without having to go through a third party. Uniswap has grown very much ever since its launch and has a very clear roadmap ahead, with many users who fully trust the exchange. There is good reason to believe that it will continue to grow with a higher takeup of cryptocurrency and that the Uniswap token will be worth more over time.

#8 Decentraland

Decentraland is one of the top three GameFi or P2E games, and their cryptocurrency can either be used in-game to earn more crypto, or held as an investment. With more people joining the P2E movement, it is likely that Decentraland’s MANA will continue to stay relevant, if not become even more relevant over time. Decentraland has constantly put in effort to engage its players and make the world more immersive, and there is a high likelihood for growth in the value of the token and game itself.

#9 The Sandbox

Whether you’re a GameFi enthusiast or not, you have likely heard of The Sandbox. It is another P2E game built on the metaverse that is up on the charts along with Decentraland. SAND has proven itself as a profitable investment so far especially for those who joined in the early days, and with more players and investors seeing the power of GameFi and joining, SAND, just like Decentraland, could be a good token to have in your portfolio at this point in time.

#10 Avalanche

Last but not least, we have Avalanche that aims to catch up to Ethereum some day. It is a smart contract platform for decentralized applications and aims to change up the DeFi world. It also provides scalability and has very strong utility; while it is still not a top favorite at the moment, there is promise in their offerings and the token might be worth buying and holding for now.

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