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What Makes Facebook and Google Feel Threatened? — FaceDAO, the Next-Generation Social Media

One week after FaceDAO launched the world’s largest airdrop campaign in history, on March 11, Facebook and Google both imposed sanctions on FaceDAO. As a result, users could no longer find FaceDAO’s official account on Facebook, and in addition, they could not log in to the FaceDAO App through Facebook. Furthermore, with the influx of new users, the Google App Store took down FaceDAO’s app, and users could not download the app through the Google Store.

As of press time, we still could not figure out the motives and reasons for Facebook and Google to take such a confrontation on FaceDAO. They have not provided any explanation for blocking FaceDAO’s account and application.

Let’s explore what kind of platform could make the Web 2.0 social giant feel threatened. In Web 2.0, traditional social media platforms held user data and were dominated by a group of technology giants, creating an oligopoly. FaceDAO, as a next-generation social media platform of Web 3.0, is built on blockchain. By using blockchain technology, its architecture enables decentralization. This gives every user a voice to create their own decentralized community and join others to contribute.

Compared with Web 3.0, when users browse Web 2.0 social media, they often encounter fake accounts with fake messages that disturb users. But in FaceDAO, users will no longer face such troubles. It brings a new generation of social media platforms with no bots and fake accounts. Accounts created on FaceDAO will be 100% real people, and it uses 3D biometric verification and identity verification to ensure this. Also, FaceDAO is a blockchain-based platform that guarantees no misleading data, no privacy invasion, and shady algorithms in the face of the disinformation that abounds in the centralized media.

In the decentralized world, your face will be the pass in FaceDAO. FaceDAO gave $500 million to reward new users in the largest airdrop campaign ever. Users need their Web2.0 accounts such as Facebook/Twitter to sign in and identify the unique face. Users can earn tokens ranging from 100,000 to 2,000,000 based on their data in their Web 2.0 accounts, such as likes and retweets.

From another perspective, FaceDAO lowers the barrier for users to enter Web 3.0, allowing them to easily transition from Web 2.0 social media to Web 3.0. Since the launch of FaceDAO, the platform has seen a surge in users with 37k Twitter followers. 3.5k retweets, and 2.3k likes of airdrop campaign tweets from users in half a month. The data proves that users are starting to accept this new project on a large scale. We look forward to FaceDAO’s future performance and hope the users can enjoy their new journey in Web 3.0.

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